Local 260 Express

The Local 260 Express is finally here and you are all invited to get onboard.

President Horace Marves stated that the newsletter is another outreach tool, along with social media that Local 260 is using to connect with and engage its membership while keeping them reliably informed about the work and progress of the Union.

The Media Team of three members met for the first time earlier this month, and they are excited about piloting the Local 260 Express.

The team will be headed by Andrew Bruce and will include Patrice Little and J. Cruz Torres. Other members interested in contributing story ideas should contact the Union office.

You can download each edition here

Local 260 Express May 2016

Local 260 Express November 2015

Local 260 Express Sept. 2014

Local 260 Express July 2014

Local 260 Express June 2014

Local 260 Express April 2014