The TWU Stands Strong in the Face of the Janus v. AFSCME Decision

Brothers and Sisters,

It’s been two weeks since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Mark Janus and against every worker and every trade union member. This ruling is the latest attack in the sustained and highly coordinated campaign by anti-worker entities to erode the rights of working people and dismantle unions.

The TWU anticipated this decision and has gotten out ahead of the game. As you know, over the past few months, the International has conducted comprehensive training and education with our locals, been in direct contact with you, our officers and local leadership, and given organizational and legal support wherever needed. There are some rough spots to sort through and we are working with individual locals where needed. Overall, in the face of this adversity, we are faring well.

The TWU is going to keep doing exactly what we have been: winning solid contracts, launching strategic fightback campaigns against our enemies and organizing workers to fight to defend their livelihoods. When workers stand shoulder-to-shoulder, we can beat the bosses. The TWU won’t back down and will continue to fight until the playing field is level for all. We are, and always will be, united invincible.

The International wants to render as much assistance as possible on Janus implementation issues. If any issue arises, feel free to call Transit Director and Administrative Vice President Curtis Tate.

In Solidarity,
John Samuelsen
International President